“A smile is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose”  This famous quote by Tom Wilson throws light on the important short distance between happiness and the nose of a person.

Nose is one of the prime attractions on a person’s face. People usually are found under the notion that a perfect nose means a perfect face. It’s just not a beauty symbol, it is also the entrance of our respiratory system as well. People with imperfectly shaped nose may have some difficulties related to respiratory system.


There are many methods available today through which a person can get the shape of nose as desired, thanks to the advancements in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose job have made it possible to correct nose defects and nose proportions, thereby rendering greater facial harmony and an aesthetically pleasing look to your face.

What is Rhinoplasty or Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty is a process in which the surgeon reshapes the nose to get the desired contour. Before the procedure commences, the patient should choose a proper and realistic shape for the nose. Surgeon’s aim is to give the best solution for the patient’s problem without obstructing the airway. It should be kept in mind that the adjustment of the nasal structure is very critical. Sometimes people come up with the pictures of their favorite celebrities and ask for the same shape for their nose. They need to understand that sometimes the shape they want may not be appropriate for their face structure. Also one has to understand that there are some limitations while performing the operation and the surgical results may be slightly different from the computer results.

The procedure starts by injecting of the anesthesia and then the surgeon selects the incision that needs to be done. There are two types of incisions, one is open incision and another one is closed incision. Closed incisions are inside incisions, whereas opened one is made across the columella. After the cuts, the surgeon reshapes the nose formation by either eliminating the bone or cartilage or sometimes by the addition of cartilage graft to get the perfect shape.

Once the procedure gets completed and patient’s nose has achieved the desired shape then the surgeon closes the incision. After a few days nose portion begins to heal.

Benefits of the Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

  • 1) It will help the person to get the desired shape for their nose.
  • 2) It gives a proper shape to the nostril.
  • 3) It helps to enhance the facial features by balancing the nasal proportions.
  • 4) Helps improve problems connected with a deflected septum.
  • 5) It helps to get rid of the breathing problems associated with the nostril.


  • 1) Raise your head while sleeping to minimize swelling.
  • 2) Save your nose from any injury.
  • 3) Avoid getting hit on your nose. Keep yourself away from pets and small children.
  • 4) Avoid straining and physical activities at least for two weeks.
  • 5) A low-salt diet is advised to help reduce fluid retention in the nasal tip. Concerned person should start this type of diet before the surgery.
  • 6) Eat more of courteous food for two to three weeks.
  • 7) Try not to wear specs at least for two weeks. If it is necessary to wear the glasses then tape them around the areas which can damage the wounded area.
  • 8) Use sunscreen prescribed by the doctor for some months to avoid the infections and swelling.
  • 9) Be careful while blowing the nose. Ask your doctor for the best solution to avoid this situation.
  • 10) Proper rest is mandatory for the patient to get the wound healed soon.

These are some precautions a patient should take care of. Always contact your doctor if a patient is facing unbearable problems.

We at Cocoona Refine Aesthetic Clinic believe to provide the best results in Rhinoplasty to our patients. Our aim is to provide the best solution related to the nose problem. Be it a disturbing shape or other problem related to breathing or obstruction in the nasal passage, our expert team always tries to correct it and render results that are aesthetically more pleasing to the patient.

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