Dr. Lokesh Handa is a Board-Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. With a passion for surgery and acquiring new skills and knowledge, he started his surgical journey from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He did his senior residency in surgery at AIIMS and moved to King George’s Medical University to pursue a career in Plastic Surgery super-specialty.

A solid Foundation:

After completing his residency at AIIMs, India’s busiest hospital he started his practice. During early years, his work comprised of trauma, reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, breast surgeries, rhinoplasty, facelift cleft lip repair, and hair transplant. While in India, he was an active contributor with the international ‘Smile Train’ programme’ and treated patients with Cleft lip/palate deformities free of cost.

Later on, he moved to Aesthetic practice only, where he joined a leading chain of cosmetic clinics in India as Senior Consultant. Where is excelled in Hair Transplant, Body Lipo-sculpturing, Breast surgeries, Rhinoplasty and Facelift.

Practice in Dubai

He moved to Dubai in 2017 and started providing advanced Hair Transplant and Hair loss treatments at Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation. Dr Lokesh is expert in hair restoration for both males and females.

In males, with androgenetic alopecia, he has been doing both FUE and FUT techniques and in higher grade alopecias. His speciality is in combining both the techniques to be able to deliver superior results and is able to cover the full head with more than 6000 grafts, where ever required.

He has an experience of more than 1000 hair transplants, he takes meticulous care to give his patients a natural –looking hairline, high density cover while taking care of the direction and style of your hair.

Female hair line lowering

Receding Hairline is a common problem with Females, especially with broad forehead females. Lowering the hairline to usually to restore the facial proportions, without skin excision and with a very high-density hair transplant is an art which is mastered by Dr. Lokesh.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Dr. Lokesh has mastered the robotic assisted hair transplant to provide the best possible results. Also known as the Robotic Specialist at Cocoona, he is among the few surgeons globally who can successfully deliver results that are natural, dense and real.

Beard hair Transplant

He is a true Hair restoration specialist. Constantly evolving along with the industry, his work in beard hair restoration has also been applauded. He has mastered the art and skill to transplant hair for males with scanty beard or no beard hair or scars.

Eyebrow Transplant

Females with eyebrow loss tend to go for tattoo or microblading, which gives an artificial look. Dr. Lokesh also specialises in restoring eyebrow hair.

He has done several presentations and has been invited as faculty in international aesthetic conferences to talk about his work.

Body Contouring

Today it is all about fitness and curves. Contouring requires lots of efforts from the person as well as the aesthetic surgeon to reshape the body where there is excessive fat/loose skin. The dexterity and the skill to achieve the target body shape with minimal discomfort, rapid recovery and satisfaction has been acquired over the years by Dr. Lokesh.

Patient Safety and Satisfaction

For any surgery, be it major or minor, every patient safety protocol is extremely dear to Dr. Lokesh. He maintains a 99.2 % success rate and has delivered amazing results through-out his career.


1. Member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)
2. Member of APSI (Association of Plastic Surgeons of India)
3. Member of IAAPS (Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons)

Specialist in following surgeries.

1. Hair Transplant
2. Liposuction
3. Abdominoplasty/ body lifts
4. Rhinoplasty
5. Blepharoplasty
6. Augmentation mammoplasty
7. Reduction mammoplasty
8. Otoplasty
9. Facelift
10. Genital rejuvenation surgery


When away from work, Dr. Lokesh sports activities, listening to music, drawing, and calligraphy. He plays harmonica and guitar in his leisure times. Among sports, he loves chess, table tennis, and swimming.

He can speak Hindi, English, Punjabi and is currently learning Arabic.