Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hardik Ganatra is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon working in Cocoona, Dubai as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He is a young, skilled and passionate surgeon who works with his heart as much as his hands.

Artist by heart

The doctor uses his hobby of sketching faces and human bodies. He believes “human body is the most intriguing structure so far” and every face has a story tell. Every little feature hints an aesthetician to immense possibilities in terms of beautification.

He uses his favorite tools “Mirror” and the “marking Pencil” to demonstrate his immense potential in transforming a face or a body part.

He spends a substantial amount of time analysing faces for injectable treatments and is jovially called “the best critic” by a lot of his aesthetic clients.

A passionate body sculptor

For those seeking an improvement in body contour, he uses his thorough knowledge of anatomy and art to shape the bodies using liposuction. This ranges from a slimmer face with high cheek bones and a deep chin-neck angle, to perky, voluminous breasts, toned, muscular arms and thighs, sexy and curvy waistline and highly defined six pack abs with a V cut on the sides, buttock augmentation using fat, curvy and shaped calves and ankles. He is known for his high satisfaction rate in his operative procedures.

An enthusiastic non professional Body builder, a physical trainer and a nutrition expert

Passionately pursuing weightlifting, calisthenics, yoga, high intensity training, and sports like swimming, he pursues his patients to develop healthy life style with a good fitness regime and goes out of the way to ensure they look the way he sculpts their bodies, for years together. This he does by guiding them in terms of nutrition (macros and micros) and exercise regime. His long follow-ups are an evidence of his passion for his work.


“Anyone who stops learning is old whether twenty or eighty” says the doctor. He keeps himself updated with the latest surgical techniques as well as global technologies to serve his patients in the best possible way. He wishes to see Dubai as Beverly Hills of Middle East.

Time and again he attends conferences and presents papers and publishes articles in journals on his work.

Specialties : Aesthetic / Non-Surgical / Reconstructive
High Defination Liposuction

The doctor uses his deep rooted interest in anatomy, art, and body building to give him a better perspective to shape the body. He uses vaser (ultrasound energy) in addition to the conventional liposuction to give an athletic shape to the body.

He creates six pack abs in highly motivated individuals. He shapes the chest (square shaped masculine chest), shoulder and arms, legs and back in such a way that the effort of cutting down the diet to ridiculously low body fat % while also going hours in the gym every single day becomes unnecessary.

After the surgery, he uses massage, radiofrequency devices, and injection shots to remove the swelling and tighten up the skin in special cases to get the best of the results.

His patients have had high satisfaction rate and do not fail to recommend him on any given day.

Brazilian Butt Lift (Buttock Contouring)

For women craving for bigger buttock size, he uses fat to transfer from the regions of excess. This not only shapes the tummy or thighs from where the fat is taken, but also shapes the part of the buttocks above and below the area of fat grafting to give the buttocks the best aesthetic contour.

Facial Contouring

Face is the identity of a person and there cannot be anything more beautiful in a person than the face, says the doctor. He loves contouring the face as much as the body. His surgical armamentarium for face includes:

1. Liposculpting (Vaser or Laser liposuction with or without fat transfer)
2. Facelift / Mini facelift
3. Rhinoplasty (open and closed methods)
4. Buccal fat removal
5. Dimple creation
6. Gummy smile correction

Genital Rejuvenation

Females with fat loss in labia majora (outer lip), or loose and lax labia minora (inner lip) present commonly with low self-esteem and problems in personal life and the doctor performs Labiaplasty for appropriate candidates after a thorough transparent consultation with realistic result expectations.


Out of the theatre, he spends most of his time in injectables for his clients seeking either a more beautiful, glamorous look or a younger-than-the-age look. He is also known as the Master Injector at Cocoona.

To enhance the glamor he uses fillers for :

1. Lip contouring / Lip volume
2. Cheek contouring
3. Jawline contouring (Nefertiti lift / Male jawline shaping)
4. Nose contouring (straightening the nose / highlighting the tip / masking the hump)
5. Chin contouring

Facial Rejuvention

For an Ageing Face, (apart from facelift) he offers :

1. Fat transfer to various areas of face to replenish the lost volume (Microfat and Nanofat concept as a part of regenerative medicine)
2. Threadlift
3. Fractionated CO2 laser
4. Chemical peels
5. Fillers
6. Microneedling with radiofrequency
7. Ultherapy


While Cosmetic surgeries satisfy his creative side, Reconstructive work quenches his soul. He feels immense joy even in the simplest surgeries like repairing cut wounds on the face to complex surgeries like fixing a broken finger or repairing cut muscles or fixing up a fractured jaw bone.

Cancer Surgeries

Even a simple looking mole can be cancerous and the doctor advises mole mapping and regular checkups of moles or any skin lesions. These can be fixed by removing them and either stitching it up or putting a skin graft or a flap.

Bed sores / Diabetic Ulcers

He treats long standing wounds in bed-ridden patients or wounds on the feet of diabetic patients with tedious, pain staking dressings, skin grafting and complex flap surgeries.


Burns patients have a special place in his heart and the doctor believes it to be his moral duty to work for that cause. He has extended his sincere efforts in India and Dubai and has been highly appreciated for that.

Membersips :

1. Indian Medical Association
2. Association of Plastic surgeons of India
3. Emirates Plastic Surgery Society

Education :

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, India
2. Master of Surgery, India
3. Master of Chirurgiae (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, India)

Fellowships :

1. National Burns Centre, Mumbai, India
2. Vasudhan Cosmetic Centre, Mumbai, India
3. AllureMedspa, Mumbai, India
4. Apollo Cosmetic, Chennai, India

Experience :

After finishing his basic medical studies from a prestigious institute in India, he set off to embark his surgical career from Asia’s largest government hospital, with an exposure of thousands of patients during his residency. After gaining wide clinical experience in Reconstructive (Trauma and Oncoplasty) Surgeries, his keen sense of aesthetics lead him to pursue cosmetic surgery by training under some of the best plastic surgery professors in the world.