4 Ways to Treat Acne Forever

Clear and glowing skin is what we all dream of, but in today’s hustle bustle, it is difficult to maintain unblemished skin. A consistent skin care routine will surely keep your acne breakouts at bay by using skincare products. But it is not the permanent solution for your acne problem. They might be good in treating acne for a temporary period because they can only reach the skin surface, provide superficial relief but cannot change the skin’s behaviour. For curing the skin deeply you have to opt for permanent solutions. Fortunately, there are some innovative skin treatments that would help you to get rid of those nasty marks from your skin. Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons can make wonders in curing this problem for you and that too permanently. They focus on the bacteria that lie inside our skin and encourage the acne problem. If you are looking for having a cosmetic treatment to get the old skin with marks away from your life and want to welcome that unblemished and glowing skin then you must know about these treatments.

1. Photo facials:

It is the unique method of skin treatment with the combination of blue and red light energy waves. The photo facial procedure is greatly helpful to repair damaged skin and give you rejuvenated skin. Photo facial is great in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and decreases the chance of acne breakouts and contracting up to the pores that decrease the frequency of acne. Eventually, the skin gets less vulnerable and more resilient to breakouts and blemishes.

2. Laser Skin Resurfacing:

If you experience frequent acne breakouts and want to have a clearer and healthy skin, a laser skin resurfacing treatment is the key to remove the top and damaged layer of skin and encourage stimulate collagen production deeply from the skin surface. Laser Skin Resurfacing is truly an intensive procedure but gives outstanding results for the one who is looking to have rejuvenated skin and reinstate the natural glow. One of the best equipment’s using most advanced technology for laser skin resurfacing is AcuPulse. If you opt for this option make sure the cosmetic surgeon you choose uses the latest and most advanced technology with proven results.

3. Chemical Peels:

AHA peels, phenol and TCA peels are usually used to treat acne problems and cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist can help you out to balance your skin and improve the overall skin texture. The best thing about chemical peel is that it treats the skin from the inside out, as they gradually go into the skin’s layer and destroy the damaged skin tissues. This procedure creates a reaction which helps the skin to repair and regenerate itself. Continuous sittings of the treatment result in reduced inflammation and clearer complexion.

4. Microdermabrasion:

A treatment that buffs away the dead skin cells present on the top layer of the skin. The procedure of Microdermabrasion provides indirect advantages for the people who are suffering from this problem and is usually used in the combination with chemical peel. This procedure is commonly used after the inflammation is reduced as it helps in deep exfoliating treatment.
If you have got tired of your frequent acne breakouts and the scars they leave behind, you must surely go for acne scar removal treatment for improving the overall texture and better skin tone. So, with these treatments bid a goodbye to the dull and blemished skin. At Refine Aesthetics we provide Acne Scar Treatment through the use of most advanced technology like AcuPulse with proven results for all skin types. All procedures are carried out by experienced professionals and highly trained staff. So say goodbye to those scars, look beautiful and feel good.
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