Every woman has a dream to have a beautifully maintained figure. But in this hectic and unbalanced lifestyle, it is very difficult to manage the shape of the body. Most of the times you have to avoid your favorite dress or sometimes you hesitate to attend the parties just because of your anatomy.

Managing figure is not an easy task. Massive weight loss, muscle weakness, numerous pregnancies or genetics are some of the major reasons which can lead to loose, wrinkled abdominal skin and surplus fat in the lower abdomen. Sometimes regular exercise and special diet plan fail to work for this particular part of the body.

If your daily routine efforts failed to transform your shape then the best option would be to go for TUMMY TUCK (Abdominoplasty).

What is TUMMY TUCK (Abdominoplasty)?

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure. In this process excess fat is removed from the lower abdomen to reshape the belly portion in a well-maintained figure.

This is one of the suitable choices for the people who have extra tissues in the lower abdominal area are in a dilemma as to what should be done about it.

Some of the procedures performed under Tummy Tuck are:

1) Complete Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
In this process, Anesthesia is given to the patient and then an incision is to be performed from hip to hip, just top of the pubic area. Then a cut is made to release the navel portion from the covered skin. After the operation the patient is advised to carry the compression garment to keep the skin tightened.

2) Partial Tummy Tuck
In this procedure, Anesthesia is injected into the body of the patient and then a little incision is to be made to remove the extra fat from the lower portion of the abdomen after stretching the skin downwards. After this the surgeon stitches the area back.

3) Extended Tummy Tuck
This procedure is for those people who are bothered about extra fat not just in the abdominal area but other areas close to the abdomen like hips, flank, back muscles. Extended tummy tuck is the ideal technique for such people to have an overall toned abdomen, lower back, upper hip and flank area. In this process a larger incision is made which covers the entire abdomen and goes upto the back of the patient. The exposed muscles are tightened and a new belly button is created according to the toned body shape.

Benefits observed after TUMMY TUCK

  • 1) It will give you a long term respite from that unwanted belly fat. Tummy tuck makes sure that you can enjoy your figure for as long as possible.
  • 2) It will help you to get rid of the pregnancy’s stretch marks or the ones you got from the excessive stretch in your skin.
  • 3) It reduces the stress in Urinary Incontinence. After normal child delivery, some women face the problem of urinary incontinence, that is, weaker control over urinary sphincter that results in leakage of urine involuntarily. Tummy Tuck helps to recover it to a larger extent.
  • 4) This helps in the ventral hernia correction which is caused due to heavy weight loss, pregnancy or weak abdominal wall. Tummy tuck assists in recovering from this condition.


  • 1) Avoid body bending activities like cleaning of the house, washing of clothes.
  • 2) Don’t drive at least for a week.
  • 3) Avoid heavy weight lifting. Also avoid lifting your child or pet at home.
  • 4) Keep yourself away from alcohol, soda or thing which can cause a gastric problem to your body.

We at Refine Aesthetic Clinic provide the best solution for the lower abdominal fat problems. We also believe that women should have a perfect personality which can uplift her confidence and that nothing should prevent them from attaining that perfect figure. This stands true for the men as well who have tried everything but still are troubled by a disproportionate abdomen.Tummy Tuck will give you the best figure which you always wished to have. So get ready to enjoy the party at banquette hall as well as at the beach.