Blood hasa liquid which is called plasma and also consists of small solid components like white cells, red cells, and platelets. These platelets incorporate numerous proteins that are good for healing injuries.

Dr. Prerna Mittal has been performing Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for people who are experiencing hair loss. PRP therapy is one of the best non-surgical therapies for individuals who require hair growth stimulation to recover from hair loss conditions.

To start with PRP preparation, the blood sample must be taken from the patient. The platelets get separated from the blood cells and the increased concentration during the process is called centrifugation. Then the remaining blood and increased concentration are combined together.

The PRP is a natural autologous medical procedure performed at our clinic and is especially done for skin, scalp and overall hair stimulation.


Human blood consists of autologous and mesenchymal stem that prompts growth factors which assist in healing and regeneration. It has been confirmed by the published medical literature from Europe and the United States that PRP therapy is the safest therapy. PRP therapy has been successfully used for over two decades for hair gain treatment. It is the most promising treatment for hair restoration and promoting hair growth. It comes with efficacy and gives effective results.

Advantages of PRP Therapy

  • Simple and non-surgical procedure
  • Procedure lasts for approximately 60 minutes
  • Safe and reliable results
  • Quick recovery period
  • Beautiful and natural looking end results