In today’s world it is often found that people are trying hard to move at the pace at which things are moving so that they do not feel trailing behind in the league. But in this attempt they are not aware that their lifestyle may take a toll on their health cycle.

Changes in the lifestyle like irregular eating, having junk food mostly, lack of exercise etc may lead to several health issues. ”FAT” is the most common problem every third person is facing in this world and this problem is growing exponentially day by day as no one has the time to exercise, go to the gym or maintain a healthy diet. However, people are unaware that there are some medical techniques in cosmetic surgery which can help them to get rid of these problems. One of the famous techniques for getting rid of extra fat is Liposuction. Lot of people have started resorting to Liposuction to lose those extra inches and maintain a body shape they have always wished for.


Liposuction is a process of removing excessive fatty deposits from your body. It is also known as lipoplasty. This surgical procedure helps in the elimination of fat from the individual parts of the body like love handles, abdomen, thighs, arms, chin etc.

There are few methods which are technically used for Liposuction surgery.

Following are some of the Techniques used for Liposuction:

a) Tumescent liposuction: In this process before removing the fat local anesthesia is injected by the surgeon into the patient’s body. This helps in removing the fat easily without having the maximum blood loss and reduces the pain throughout the surgery and after the surgery as well.

b) Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL): In this procedure, high ultra sonic sound waves are transmitted to the body to decompose the fat in a liquid form which is further taken off outside the body through the cannula.

This technique is best suited for the areas like the upper back or male breast which have more tissue.

c) Laser-assisted liposuction: In this technique, laser is used to remove the fat under local anesthesia. The laser heats up the fat and melts it down in a semi soft tissue which is easy to extract through a cannula. After this surgery patient can maintain the new body shape through proper diet and exercise.

The cost for the Liposuction surgery differs widely.The total estimate for the treatment depends on a number of factors like the type of surgery, part of the body, experience of the surgeon, Patient comfort, the geographical location of the clinic etc.

Recovery after the operation depends on the patient’s body as well as healing characteristics and the type of surgery that the patient opted for. Normally it may take four to six weeks for proper healing.

Here are some benefits of Liposuction.

  • 1) Secure removal of unwanted fat.
  • 2) Enhancement in the presence of cellulite.
  • 3) Shaping of body parts that don’t get affected even after regular exercise.
  • 4) Boost in boldness. It increases the confidence by shaping your body they way you want it.
  • 5) Improvement in health by eradicating undesirable fat.
  • 6) It helps men that suffer from gynecomastia, that is, accumulation of tissue near a man’s chest. Hence gives a boost in their confidence.

Precautions after the Treatment

  • 1) Avoid strenuousexercise for 1 week. Normal jogging is fine.
  • 2) Avoid travel at least for 2 weeks. Even driving is not suggested after surgery.
  • 3) Avoid Alcohol for 1 week because you will be on medication and consumption of alcohol may be harmful in this period.
  • 4) Wear dresses which are recommended by the doctor at least for 4-6 weeks. It will help to keep the skin compressed which also aid in consuming the liquid which was used in the surgery.
  • 5) Proper diet is also very important. Avoid salty food and caffeinated drinks. It can cause swelling in the body. So it’s better to refrain yourself from these things.

At Refine Aesthetic Clinic we follow the safest techniques to perform liposuction. We believe in delivering the best to the patients keeping in mind his comfort level at the same time.

Many people have gone through liposuction at Refine Aesthetic and have been satisfied with the results.Our treatments have not only changed their persona with flawless looks and attractive body shape which they always wished forbut have also enhanced their confidence.